WB Muncy’s photo tour of the United Grand Lodge of England

Greetings Brethren!

I had the privilege of touring Freemasons Hall in London, UK on 2/1/2019 per the strong encouragement of Worshipful Brother Alan Cook who served as Worshipful Master before immigrating to the US. If you ever get the chance it shouldn’t be passed up. The museum is overflowing the historical regalia and donations from Masonic lodges around the world. The tour was free, open to the public and only took about 40 minutes but was incredibly well presented and portrayed Masonry in such a positive light. I was proud to be in a hall marking the location of the original Grand Lodge of England where modern Freemasonry originated.

I hope you you enjoy looking through my photos. You can learn more by visiting the about the UGLE website and Freemasons Hall website.

WB Kris Muncy

300th anniversary marker on the wall outside of the UGLE main building.
This building was built in the 1920’s and dedicated to the thousands of English Freemasons whose lives were lost fighting in WWI.
Working tools made of acacia wood
The casket honoring the fallen Freemasons
Names of the fallen atop the casket
The outer door of the lodge hall room weight over a ton each and can be opened with a single finger. According to the tour they’ve never had to be adjusted or balanced since they were installed almost 100 years ago.
Looking east after entering the grand hall.
The grand hall ceiling
The four edges of the ceiling displaying several key Masonic symbols, figures, and stories.