History of Lithopolis Lodge #169

A group of Masons met and applied for a charter in a room over Stallsmith’s Harness Shop and a charter was received from the Grand Lodge of Ohio on September 20, 1848.

The Charter Members were Joshua Glanville, WM; William Riley, SW; Joseph Miller, JW; William Teagarden; Daniel Teagarden; Peter Teagarden; John B. Moore; John Smith; William Miller; Jacob Teagarden; William Jacob; N. W. Heite; Jacob Schoek and Zebulon Perrill.

The Lodge met in the room over Stallsmith’s Harness Shop for several years.  The Lodge Hall then moved across the street to a room above John Brosman’s Dry Goods Store.  This would have been in the latter part of 1856 as the New Hall Committee report was returned on August 23, 1856.  This new Hall was renovated by Brothers Brosman and Andrew.  The cost of the yearly lease was $0.75 (seventy-five cents).  The Hall was 40 (forty) feet by 20 (twenty) feet with ante rooms attached.  Dedication was held on June 24, 1857.

On February 7, 1868 a committee was appointed to remodel the Lodge.  The Hall was dedicated on August 20, 1868, and a new coal fueled stove was purchased in February, 1868.

The Brosman store burned down around 1900 and the Lodge moved to a room above Hanner’s Implements Store.

On June 26, 1949, The Lodge purchased Lot #124 for $100.00 (one hundred dollars) from the local school district for a new Hall.  This was the site of the Lithopolis High School.  Work started to build the new Lodge in 1953.  35 (thirty-five) members donated 3000 (three thousand) hours of labor in building the new Temple where the Lodge is still located.  The new Temple was dedicated by the Grand Lodge on June 19, 1954.

The Lodge was requested by other Lodges to help them financially with charitable donations.  One of the first such donations was to help the Bellefontaine Lodge on November 23, 1855.  The Lodge voted to and gave $50.00 (fifty dollars) to the Ohio Masonic Home on October 7, 1870.

The dues in 1855 were about $0.50 (fifty cents) per year, while on May 28,1920, they were raised to $3.00 (three dollars) per year.

The Brothers held Masonic funerals as Brothers went to be with the Supreme Architect of the Universe.  One such funeral was held on December 27, 1855, at the Presbyterian Church for Brother John Streckler.  Two sermons were given one in English and another in German.

The 1800’s also saw the adoption of Lodge’s “Resolutions of Respect” (records of the passing of a Brother to be the Supreme Architect of the Universe) and they were entered into the Minutes.  They were generally prepared by a committee of three.  Later a standard form was developed by the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

On May 29, 1874, a Resolution was passed to hold the stated meetings on Friday next preceding every full moon.  The Lodge was still a Moon Lodge on March 29, 1912.

On July 18, 1913, the Lodge gave $100.00 (one hundred dollars) to the Eastern Star, Reber Chapter #161, to Purchase a Piano.

A review of the Minutes say Non-Masonic bodies were being formed which were declared clandestine by the Grand Lodge of Ohio.  Masons were instructed not to join or attend those bodies.

The 1800’s also saw jurisdictional disputes arise among Lodges as to which Lodge would give the proposed Brother his degree work.  On October 28, 1901, the Grand Lodge of Ohio instructed the Lodges to determine where the “Air Line” was located.

On November 24, 1899, the Grand Secretary notified Lodges they no longer needed to advise other Lodges of the expulsion of a Brother.

A vote of thanks was extended to the District Lecturer on August 10, 1900.  This person inspected the Lodges along with the District Deputies.

The Lodge was honored to have Lee Smith and Ted Harmony appointed as District Deputies of the 13th Masonic District

Two notable Brothers of our Lodge were Dr. E. B. Roller and Karl S. Smith.  Brother Roller who was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on September 4, 1908, and was elected Master in 1915.  Brother Smith was instrumental in building our present Lodge Temple in 1953.  He was Master in 1953, 1954 and 1958.  Their contributions to Lithopolis Lodge #169 must be recognized in our Lodge History.

Brothers of the Lodge became members of the Ohio Masonic Home’s $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) Club in 1989/1990.

The Lodge and the Lithopolis area benefited when a private foundation known as the Wagnalls Memorial was established in 1924 by Mabel Wagnalls Jones in Lithopolis.  It provided scholarships and grants to various organizations.  It also housed a library and meeting rooms.  Many Lodge events occurred at The Wagnalls.

The Lodge celebrated its 150 (one hundred fifty) year anniversary in 1998.  Don Matheney was Master and the Grand Lodge Officers attended.  The Most Worshipful Grand Master was C. Michael Watson. The Lodge was reconsecrated at that time.

Several Most Worshipful Grand Masters have visited the Lodge at various times, namely, Robert E. See, James S. Deyo, Charles Neff, Jerry Rasor, Jack Allen and Ronald L. Winnett.

Dee Mowery, Past Potentate of Aladdin Shrine has attended on various occasions.

The Lodge is proud to have 10 (ten) 50 (fifty) year members and 3 (three) 60 (sixty) year members as of January 1, 2008.